Pocket-BCM, Business Continuity Management information in your pocket

Pocket-BCM is available for Apple iOS and Android devices. Other operating systems are supported upon request.

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Business Continuity Management processes, in short, BCM

Within your organisation, a crisis situation may occur. A crisis can be of a material nature, like a fire, but organisations can also be harmed by financial or reputational damage.

  • Relevant

    As an organisation, you would want to have quick access to procedures and contact information, in order to face problems decisively and to minimize continuity risks.

  • Up-to-date

    Will your BCM data be up-to-date, if they have been distributed as a hard copy within your company?

  • Portable

    Your smartphone will be your primary communication tool in a period of crisis. The smartphone, therefore, is a perfect location to store your BCM content in.

  • Business & Private

    Apart from the BCM content of your company, Pocket-BCM offers the possibility to store personal information.

What does Pocket-BCM do?

Pocket-BCM offers managed synchronisation of BCM content to smartphones and tablets. These BCM data are presented to the end-users of your organisation by means of an app, in a structured and secure manner. The end-user can search this information in a context-sensitive, efficient way. The app is multilingual and relevant regional information is available.


Made available from the BLAUD data center. Content is delivered via upload (dynamic links based on customization). BCM content is stored offline, on the smartphone or tablet.


Regional content relevant to country your are. The data is managed and serviced by BLAUD. All content delivered comes from public domain and is made available free of charge.


You can use our SaaS to directly start using Pocket BCM. Our SaaS is physically located in the Netherlands

On premise

Instead of our SaaS you can run all services on your premises in your preferred location (country, company, etc.)


Although Pocket-BCM is a relatively straightforward product, BLAUD will guide the implementation. We will help you with the initial set-up of an Enterprise BCM content package. In this package, users, contact information and files are supplied to the app on smartphones and tablets in a structured manner. Users can log on with their personal e-mail address (provided this address is on the whitelist). The activation code which is sent subsequently takes care of the rest of the account activation. After successful activation, the content will synchronise to the smartphone.


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  • Pocket BCM is serviced by BLAUD

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